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    100% COTTON,  a brand in California inspired by sex and surfing culture. This will be the first surfer-oriented merchandise in Chinese surf subculture.

    Surfing clashes with the traditional obligations(domestic obedience) of a proper Asian woman. Man in Asia expects women to be soft, domestic and quiet. Pale skin plays a great part in the Asian beauty standard. Many Asian women worry their tan skin from surfing will separate them from the norms. LANG BEI's brand mission hopes to encourage more and more Asian women to the ocean.

    The T-shirt is playing with words from Ancient Chinese poetry. Ancient Chinese is very complex, and usually, a character can have a variety of meanings and implications in different situations.

    When the designer of LANG BEI was young, she was forced to learn ancient Chinese poetry, and always thought the poems were more young-adult in content. Now, she is using these graphics to help her audience understand how ribald and lewd those words can be if you put them in a different context.

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