Purse Toad Orange M

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    Frog purse, in genuine Rhinella Marina leather. Each piece is unique, handcrafted in KOBJA's Parisian workshop. The features, size and singularity can vary from one frog to another. Fabrication requires a long manufacturing process and no less than 17 steps. Eco-friendly, Kobja works with associations of animal welfare, which hunt this species of amphibian, because today it unbalances all Oceanian fauna and flora.

    Dimensions: 4 in x 4 in


    KOBJA is a unique collection of fashion accessories for men and women, created and developed by Monika Jarosz. As a small child, her grandmother told her fairytales, which increased her fascination with animals and insects day by day… Her subsequent experience in fashion modelling and advertising, and her forays into the world of films would help her both to fund her studies and to open her eyes to design, with its lines, volumes and materials…

    The desire to create was born and her talent began to establish itself. She very quickly understood that it was possible to work with the products of nature, the trigger which led her to develop her first leather accessory: a purse made from toadskin, available in several models and sizes.It takes more than 14 stages to obtain a high quality leather. The colors of the leather are produced at the tannery in France, while the assembly and fine stitching work are done at KOBJA's Parisian workshop, a process which makes each piece totally unique.

    *Do something for the environment. Eco-friendly, Kobja uses only toad skins from Oceania that are recycled. Indeed, this species was introduced for a specific ecological purpose, then became invasive, and today it is recognized for its toxicity and is harmful to many other species. Kobja works with animal protection associations that hunt this species.

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