QUETSCHE is the result of founder Li Yang's extensive fashion industry experience. Graduated at first from l'Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne in Paris he pursues his adventure by becoming designer for Christian Dior, Lanvin & Maison Martin Margiela. Eager for more freedom he launched his own brand in 2015.

Quetsche universe is sensitive, lyrical and rebel. Each collection opens up new paths in between Couture and Ready-to-Wear by breaking the rules. Avant-Gardist, Li Yang unveils his vision by re-imaging fabrics in each new collection. Meticulously developed and handcrafted, the collections reveal unknown stories where each piece plays a role as a character. Full of mysteries to be discovered, moving and alive, they enchant imagination with singular volumes, custom finishes, and surprising visual effects. Marking out a new take on design, Quetsche unique aesthetic is a subtle melange of craft techniques and experimentation's previously overlooked in fashion. Yang shows us untold stories by merging, layering, overlapping all types of matters. From dried flowers to pearls, from lively gold foils to concealed tailored pieces, Quetsche garments aim to create a special relationship with its owner which highlights the free spirit wearing it.