Co-founded in 2013 by Erwan Le Louër, who holds a master's degree in industrial design from the ESDI 2008, a graduate school of industrial design, le gramme is the latest concept launched by the designer-entrepreneur.

after a first entrepreneurial experience in 2008, through the launch of the JEM jewelry brand and at the same time in charge of the Maison Margiela jewellery license until 2011, le gramme becomes a new form of transmission of Erwan Le Louër's passion for aesthetics and the central place of the object in his life.

le gramme is a brand of jewelry for men where each object is named by its weight in grams. The creations le gramme draw their strength from their minimal form, from an obviousness in repetition, from the free field they open by their capacity to accumulate in order to create their own language.

le gramme's collections come from a creative process inspired by industrial design and are rationally thought: the shape emanates from a reflection in the absence of drawing, until fulfilling its function. then the object is realized.