Nathalie Blanc glasses are the reflection of the French's craftsmanship excellence. Designed in Paris and crafted in the Jura region (France).

Nathalie Blanc combines the perfect harmony between the eye, the style and the material. As a teenage, the idea of shaking up the stuck world of optic had become an obsession. Never hide behind the glasses of others. Nathalie sworns to create her own universe, to reinvent a style where the object to be seen would come out of everyday life and banalities to become a passionate object, complicit in femininity, the ultra chic fashion accessory, the irreplaceable friend, the alter ego.

A few year later, optician studies in her pocket, she signs the optical collections for the brands Michel Klein and Swildens, and her shops at the top of the trend card and dress everyone's with attention and the mantra of the House.

In 2018, Nathalie blanc received the prestigious "Silmo d'or" award.

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