Marion Vidal follows an unconventional approach to the jewel. The underlying theme of her designs is always to establish a dialogue between colours and materials thattakes the shape of geometrical building sets. The designer plays with links and contrasts: rigidity vs. flexibility, strength vs. fragility, balance vs. rupture, roughness vs. refinement.

Marion Vidal was born in Montpellier. She studied architecture for six years in Paris and Milan, before entering the Fashion Department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp.

Marion introduced her eponymous brand in 2005 with ready-to-wear and accessories collections, before finally giving full attention to jewellery. Marion develops her exclusive materials in collaboration with French and Italian craftsmen. Jewelry pieces are then handmade in her Parisian atelier.

Winner of the Grand Prize for Creation by the City of Paris in 2011, Marion also designs pieces of jewelry for famous fashion houses such as Salviati, Céline, Christofle and Lacoste.

In 2012, Marion Vidal opened her Parisian boutique in the Pigalle neighborhood. You can also find Marion Vidal designs in a selection of high-end fashion and design-oriented shops such as Le Bon Marché in Paris, Gago in Aix, 10 Corso Como Seoul and Please Do Not Enter. 

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