A collector of cinema stills and posters, cinema historian and journalist Dominique Lebrun is the author of several books including, Paris Hollywood (Hazan) and Hollywood (Hazan & Gingko). He also co-wrote the Catalogue du Musée du Cinéma Henri-Langlois (Maeght). In 2010, he makes his first collage, using his precious collection of Mon Ciné, 1920's movie magazines he carefully kept for almost 40 years. Thrilled by this experience, he decides to continue exploring this path, turning this time to his collection of movie posters. Guided by colors, shapes, movement, he tears up, scatters, pastes, superimposes, dislocates, assembles to recompose imaginary scenes, landscapes and portraits, sometimes on the verge of abstraction.

Please Do Not Enter features Dominique Lebrun's work for the first time in United States at NoMad Hotel Los Angeles on October 24, 2019. 

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