Born in Kunitachi, Tokyo, designer Kunihiko Moringa launched his brand ANREALAGE in 2003. ANREALAGE is a combination of the words 'real', 'unreal' and 'age'.

In 2005, ANREALAGE won the Design Vision Award for Avant Garde at New York's Gen Art competition for new designers. In 2011, the brand was awarded the 29th Mainichi Fashion Grand Prix New Face Award, honouring new designers in Tokyo. In 2014 ANREALAGE joined the Paris Fashion Week schedule, starting to show from Spring/Summer 2015.

ANREALAGE has hosted exhibitions, such as A LIGHT UN LIGHT incorporating clothes from its Paris collections, which travelled to LA and Japan House in Sao Paulo. 2018 saw the brand collaborate with Amazon to create a capsule inspired by the online retail giant's cardboard packaging, and presented the AT TOKYOcollection in Tokyo.

In 2019, ANREALAGE was a finalist for the LVMH Prize.