Virgil was here T-Shirt

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  • Design by Raf Reyes: during my only 20+ years on this piece of rock we call Earth, i’ve had the immense honoVR + pleasVRe to have been able to meet Virgil IRL, and talk to him Truly really he was my spiritual father & role-model to me, and back-to-back with the ‘vre-edit piece’, its alter ego//yang to its ying :: i.e ‘VIRGIL WAS HERE’ black tee here vreferences the kite as a symbol of freedom and fun childhood childish things yano, things that Virgil would have fw immensely. This vre-edit of the OG tee he’s blessed *[...] four years ago already* is the least i could do to continue on his legacy/ respect the set. nd. always. remember. to. vremember. VERYRARE™ V®R®® VERYRARE™ V®R®® VERYRARE™ V®R®®

    100% Cotton

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