Tobias//Guardian Angel T-Shirt

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  • Design by Raf Reyes: a warm welcome to the VERYRARE™ university. Accepting all art school
    dropouts,nonconformist students, dreamers, misfits, troublemakers et cetera. Because while some
    may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius! Very organized/unionized, a club, together, as
    One, ya hearddd ☻ VERYRARE™ crest + heraldry + motto (carpe diem + noctem). A posse* a tribe
    that’s world wide nd ready to rumble. Lion claws outtt like a light; time flies, eternity awaits (sleeve
    embroidery). V®R®® (est.2020): paragons of the second wave/championing post-covidism thinking.
    Ladies and gents... without further ado, come thru! Our *uni*’s doors are open 4u.

    100% Cotton

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