Fallen Angel T-Shirt

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  • Design by Raf Reyes: Raf (VERYRARE’s founder – whose official/government name is Raphael
    btw) personal favorite. Channeling the power of Cabanel’s artwork he loves so much; thinking about
    the painting, it’s just so powerful. The quiet fury and resentment in the ‘fallen angel’’s eyes, the
    single tear for his loss, hands clasped together in an effort to control these intense emotions boiling
    inside while being scorned by the angelic cohort above... This V®R®® statement piece draws
    parallels with our era and ourselves (as protagonists) – barely containing our Anger in the aftermath
    of critical times’ events; when we think everything’s doomed (hence the ‘Lost Paradise’ alternative
    title) when, in reality, it’s not.

    100% Cotton

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