Card Cherry Blossom

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  • The cover of this lovely pop up card features a laser-cut illustration of a blooming cherry blossom branch. Delicate petals fall gently from the branch in this depiction of one spring's most beautiful sights.

    Once opened, this card reveals a stunning pink cherry blossom tree in full bloom. Full of detail and stunning color, and surrounded by petal embellishments at the base of the tree, the pop up cherry blossom tree is as wonderful as the real thing.  

    Inspiration for the Cherry Blossom Pop-Up Card:
    Cherry Blossoms are the quintessential sign that spring has arrived. Japanese Cherry Blossom trees, also known as Sakura, are among the most impressive and lovely of the cherry blossom tree family.

    Designer Kathie was inspired by both her time studying abroad and her own close connection to Japanese culture. In Japan, the beginning of the school year aligns with the start of cherry blossom season and this gorgeous tree brings back wonderful memories for Kathie.

    To Kathie, the cherry blossom represents temporary beauty which makes her appreciate and value how time affects art and beauty.

    There's also an interesting phrase in Japanese called Hanafubuki which refers to the aftermath of gust winds and the subsequent swirling cherry blossoms that envelop you and your surroundings in a flower blizzard as you stroll through the park that also inspired this elegant design.

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