Sultan Tea

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    SULTAN TEA COLLECTION (Mountain Sage, Thyme, Lavender, Lavender Flower, Chamomile, Linden flower)


    Its defiant yellow is equally sober and subtle. Savage chamomile awakes senses by freeing its sweet fragrances which are picky, herbaceous with some bitterness and honey shades. Chamomilla has an invigorating taste, due to it’s uncivilised nature: she grows where she wishes, among grasses. Drinking a cup of chamomilla will be good for relaxing and feeling free. Contains 16 stems.


    Lavender flower offers a sweet taste and shows a rare blue dense colour. By the way, we call it “blue tea” because its colour is very specific. It surprises with its floral and very natural notes in second taste. Its velvet texture caresses the top of your mouth and gives you a sensation of sweetness and absolute voluptuousness. You will feet relaxed in the middle of a blue field. Contains 16 stems.


    Good for sleep, stress, depression … Linden has a wooded taste, nearly floral and a slightly rough texture. It’s very powerful in taste in the first sip, and then it makes a room for a delicate and aerial fragrance. It’s perfect to listen your own breath, meditate, decompress. You just have to focus on the sweet perfume that is invading your mouth and taste buds. Contains 16 stems.

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