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    Very sweet and yet very subtle, the floral and sunny fragrances of elderflower will surprise you and give you back smile. Its little dry flowers will become saturated by water again to live one last time in your mouth and make you enjoy their benefits. Goodbye bad colds and digestive discomfort … We enjoy this moment of sunlight with peace of mind. Contains 11 stems.


    With it’s sedative properties, Primrose is the best ally to fight against stress and burn-out. Its beautiful yellow colour will bring you smoothness and peace. With it, you’ll travel among the most beautiful prairies enlightened by the sweet light of the rising sun. It’s a flower of reborn, of renewal and mid-season. It announces changes for your best. Contains 16 stems.


    This plant has a green pale robe and a strong taste that make the experience of the infusion more exciting. It’s a plant with a black fragrance, impressive but also slightly sweet and soft. It’s a subtle plant that not only reveals its secrets to its taster slowly but is also very beneficent for him. This is why we call it the “miracle plant”. Used in all civilisations since a very long time, yarrow has been mocked since too long by our own. Its taste deserves to be known by your senses again. Contains 10 stems.


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