Candle Kim Jong Un

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    Show your support for decency, equality, and humanity by burning in effigy your very own Kim Jong-Un candle. He and his North Korean regime embody everything that the citizens of the western world oppose. While we know that burning this candle certainly won't change the situation in North Korea, we do hope that by burning it, giving it as a gift, or simply putting it on display in your home or office that this Kim Jong-Un candle can help to spread awareness of the brutality of this chubby little dictator and his viscous government.

    The Kim Jong-Un candle stands about 2.5" inches tall, and weights about 10oz.

    Every candle is handmade in Portland, Oregon.Hot heads are unscented, and are made with a custom wax blend which includes Soy, Palm, and Coconut. Hot Heads stand approximately 2.5" tall, and are about 1.5" wide, and weigh about 3.5 oz.

    As always, be sure to use great care when burning Hot Heads, and always place them on a non-flammable surface, where the wax will stay safely contained as they tend to melt and drip.


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